Iíll make it trough the rainy days
Iíll be the one who stands here longer than the rest
When my landscape changes, rearranges
Iíll be stronger than Iíve ever been
No more stillness, more sunlight
Everythingís gonna be alright

I know that thereís gonna be a change
Better find your way out of your fear
If you wanna come with me
Then thatís way itís gotta be
Iím all alone and finally
Iím getting stronger
Youíll come to see
Just what I can be
Iím getting stronger

love with all your soul

Sometimes I feel so down and out
Like emotion thatís been captured in a maze
I had my ups and downs
Trials and tribulations
I overcome it day by day,
Feeling good and almost powerful
A new me, thatís what Iím looking for

wish with all your heart


I didnít know what I had to do
I just knew I was alone
People around me
But they didnít care
So I searched into my soul
Iím not the type of girl that will let them see her cry
Itís not my style
I get by
See Iím gonna do this for me

Repeat chorus till fade


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