Depression and acupressure

Translated from the book Pijnvrij door acupressuur by Lutz Bernau

The most important spot on the body against depressive feelings is above the liver, so on the right side of the upperbelly. Treat this place just after awakening, when you're still in your bed. Lay a flat hand on the right side of the upperbelly and press ten up to fifteen times, shortly, but firmly. If you feel pain, there's something wrong with your liver. Go and see a doctor in this case.
The places round the elbows are supporting spots.

The next spot lies next to the nail of both middle fingers. You'll find them when you hit your middle finger with your thumb. Hit as hard as you can, five times. The best time to do this is when you're just awake. You can repeat the acupressure during the day according to your need.

For the next spots on the body you might need some assistance from your partner. Go and sit on a hassock and arche your back a bit. Let the arms hang losely and make sure that the muscles of your back are entirely relaxed. Place both hands on the inner edges of the shoulder blades. Press five times. The pressure should be medium strong. You can repeat this treatment during the day if you like.

Then there are some useful points on the inside of the arms. First you treat the elbow line entirely. It's the line that appears when you bow your arm a bit. Start with the left elbow, press five times, then go to the right.

To finish, there's the wrist. Find the spot where you can feel the pulse. It's easiest to do this with the thumb of your other hand. Put the hand around the wrist. Press very lightly and only two or three times, because the acupressure has a very strong effect on this spot. It stimulates the blood circulation and it can even speed up the heart beat. People with a weak heart should therefore be very careful and are advised to skip this spot if they get palpitations from it.

Small symptoms can occur with acupressure as well as with acupuncture. Everybody who treats himself should be aware of that. For example: you get dizzy, you start sweating all over, spots are dancing in front of your eyes or you suddenly get sick. It sounds dangerous, but it's actually innocent. It signals that the acupressure helps, that the body starts reacting.
Lay down for a moment, close your eyes and relax all muscles. Moreover, there's a spot you can use in these cases: the place between your nose and your upperlip. Put your middle finger on it and press the skin firmly against your teeth. It often happens that you get an uncomfortable feeling for a little while. Keep pressing anyway. You'll soon notice that the side-effects disappear.